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Save money flying from New York and San Francisco

August 19, 2014

Half a year ago, we wrote a post on How to beat San Francisco airfares, using a technique called Hidden City Ticketing.  That’s where if you want to fly from A to B, you book an even cheaper ticket that flies from A to B to C, and simply get off at B and discard your flight to C.

Today, we release our long awaited Hidden City Ticketing Study for New York.  And as a bonus, we’ve also revised our San Francisco study with new findings.  

New York, New York

We studied flights from New York City to 12 popular US destinations and discovered many wins. For example, a typical rock bottom round-trip price for New York City to Los Angeles would cost you $317. With Hidden City Ticketing, you can pay as low as $285. Moreover, for last minute flights (within two weeks), you can save anywhere from $150 to over $400.

In summary, hidden city opportunities were plentiful:

  • Airfares to Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles could be beat almost all the time through Hidden City Ticketing
  • There are huge opportunities flying to Chicago, Seattle and Las Vegas, with lower fares being found over 50% of the time
  • If you’re lucky, you can save flying to San Diego, San Francisco, Boston and Washington
  • Only Denver and Honolulu had slim pickings

Read our detailed study

SF, we’re back.

Updating our study on San Francisco with current airfares, we found that:

  • Airfares to Washington were almost always lower using Hidden City Ticketing
  • Huge wins continued to exist for flights to Atlanta and Boston
  • Good chances to save could be found for Honolulu, New York, Dallas and San Diego
  • Flights to Las Vegas, Chicago, Denver, Seattle and Los Angeles were less fruitful

Read our detailed study

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A note on our revised methodology:

In our prior study, we compared lowest airfares between two cities using FlyShortcut’s hidden city ticketing vs. conventional flights found by Google Flight Search.  By default, Google Flight Search lists non-stop flights as well as flights with multiple stops, while our search engine only surfaces direct flights.  To ensure we compare apples-to-apples, our new methodology only considers airfares for direct flights.