FlyShortcut is a "hidden city ticketing" search engine -

when the lowest fare isn't low enough

Technique featured in:


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The Secret

You want to fly from A to B. Guess what:

Booking A:B:C can cost less than A:B

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What this means

You can do this to save money:
For a round trip flight, you must book two one-way tickets. Also, you can only bring carry-on luggage.
Airlines only guarantee travel from A:C, not the routing to get there. Also, airlines might get mad and remove your frequent flyer points (rare).
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What the media is saying

"How to Beat High Airfares"

"Airlines hate this move, but it's apparently totally legal."

"90% of the time... this comes off without a hitch and you get real savings."

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Use FlyShortcut

We find and list hidden

city ticketing opportunities

Important: "Hidden city ticketing" is legal, but it is against airline rules and has limitations and risks involved. By pressing the button below, you acknowledge that you understand the risks involved and accept our terms and conditions for use of this service.

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